Error:  The layer cannot be added to map, coordinate system or tiling scheme can't be adjusted to align properly with the basemap

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When adding a layer to a web map there are some scenarios that prompt the following error to be returned:

"The layer cannot be added to map, coordinate system or tiling scheme can't be adjusted to align properly with the basemap."

Scenario 1

When users attempt to publish a tile service using a custom scale in ArcGIS Online and add the tile service as a layer from the 'Add Layer from Web' option while the Esri basemaps are present.

Scenario 2

When attempting to load a tile service published to ArcGIS Online in an ArcGIS Online web map. The error may also occur when attempting to use a set of Web Map Services (WMS). When the WMS is set as the basemap, the tile service cannot be loaded on top of the WMS.

There are a few causes for this error message.

• This issue happens when using a scale that is not available with the Esri basemap scale, hence the tile service is not added because the scale does not match.

• The data frame’s spatial reference (coordinate system) is different than the spatial reference required by the chosen tiling scheme. All tiling schemes are associated with a certain spatial reference. The data frame, dataset, or layer's spatial reference must match the spatial reference of the tiling scheme for tiles to be created.

• The projection of the layers and basemaps are not compatible. The tiling scheme of a WMS layer must match the tiling scheme of the basemap.

If adding an Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) WMS layer that is not in Web Mercator (which is the projection of the basemaps in the default map viewer gallery), the map viewer does not add the OGC layer to the map. Instead, the error message is returned. Refer to the
Troubleshoot Help page for more information.
• A WMS is a scale-independent service, and tile services cannot be added on top of WMS as the tile service does not support WMS scales.




For Scenario 1

• Use a tiled map service with a custom scale that matches the 20 options available in the Esri basemaps scales. Refer to the
Generate Map Server Cache Tiling Scheme (Server) page for further information about defining the scale levels by generating an XML tiling scheme file.

• Use the tile service with any custom scale as a basemap, and add any Esri basemap (such as World Street Map) as a layer in the web map. The following
screencast video can be viewed for an example of this workflow.

For Scenario 2

To resolve the issue, change the data frame’s coordinate system to the same coordinate system used in the tiling scheme. Refer to the following
Help page for more information.

Created: 11/4/2014

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